Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Doodles Uncovered: Monsters

Doom Shaka Laka has always been partial to monsters. The deadlier the better. This has been evident from the earliest examples we have restored.

Our team recently uncovered several old pieces. Though they are not new, we do have a recorded history, dating them to the time shortly after Harry and Ron.

The scholars have long debated whether this creature is an artistic depiction of the ancient greek legend of the minotaur, or an extremely loose interpretation of Where the Wild Things Are.

Despite this debate, we here at the Doom Shaka Laka preservation society are of a third opinion. That Doom has, in fact, encountered mythical beasts in the wild, and attempted to document them.

Big foot? Minotaur? Who can tell. We only know that Doom has a gift. A real gift for preserving likeness, while still making the creatures absurdly cute.

Yet more evidence to support our earlier theory. We here at the DSLPS know the true story of Frankenstein's monster. The small details such as scar placement and tie color prove that Doom did as well.

 For those in the know, vampires are not the terrifying creatures of legend. But neither are they safe (or sparkly.) Homo Vampira. They are a complicated species which are, in fact, only slightly earlier in the evolutionary chain that Homo Sapiens.

This particular caricature, we believe, was modeled by the great Count L'Tourneux, whom modern history records as an unnamed eastern prince that brought his people into many years of prosperity.
 Even at the DSLPS, we are at a loss to explain this one. The most commonly accepted theory is that Doom, while travelling in the uncharted wilds, encountered a creature not even known to cryptologists.

Judging by the physiology here, this creature is at least semi-aquatic, placing it along the pacific coast somewhere, as that is the main area included in Doom's studies.

Next Week: Potter Returns!

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