Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doom's Origins - Early Evolution of the Stick Men

Before we begin our epic journey, let's take a look at the origins of Doom Shaka Laka.

You can see from the introductory note that this blog is dedicated to the artistic ramblings of a budding genius. Namely, Doom Shaka Laka. But where did it all begin? The origins of this excessively awesome overlord are shrouded in mystery. But there are clues. Pieces to the puzzle that may help us to some day unravel these mysteries.

In past months, these doodles have been recovered. They are not the ancient findings for which we had hoped, but they do shed a great deal of light onto the current doodling trends of our friend.

 Most of these are shady phone pics of doodling for which there are no longer any originals. They shall establish the base from which we proceed.

We Shall Begin Here: DEATHEATERS!

(Mostly because this one makes it look like I'm actually good at all the things. First impressions and all that.)

As you can see, this one is rather self explanatory. Clearly Doom's past is closely linked with the Wizarding world. Perhaps even containing connections to the Dark Lord himself. 

Onward then. We proceed on to the true origin of these extraordinarily cute, big-headed stick people. 

The Zombie

This zombie glows in the dark. Clearly, Doom Shaka Laka is a genius beyond imagination. It is so incredibly cute, and yet was, in fact, the first of its kind.This is the oldest doodle we have, to date. Many, many others existed long before this trend of cutsie characters emerged, but most of them have been lost to time. Only various celtic knots remain. 
Ginger Pirate

According to our best evidence, this ginger pirate is dated most closely to the time of the zombie archetype. Although the zombie was the first, ginger pirate himself may have been responsible for the mainstreaming of such doodles. 


Robot is the first recorded attempt at a non-human. Whether or not it was successful is largely a matter of opinion and personal taste. But successful on its own, or a failure, one can not deny that it propelled the stick men on to bigger and better things. 

Harry Freaking Potter!
Ain't he cute? 

Harry seems to be the first literary character ever created in Doom's stick forms. Once again, we also see that the limited colored-pen options have truly been put to creative and excellent use.
And, of course, Mr. Ronald Billius Weasley

Besties! Harry never goes anywhere without his true friend, Ron.  And neither does he here. Together in literature, and together in Doom's incredible stick people doodles. 

Next Time: New doodles uncovered!

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